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In July 2019 Municipal Council approved its Violence in the Workplace Policy.  The development of the policy is Council’s written commitment to safe, respectful workspaces as it delivers services to residents & rate payers.  It guarantees that elected officials, staff, committee members and clients can expect professional conduct and a safe space to report violence.

Comments made in a recent CBC article around the first and most recent test of the policy require clarification.  Firstly, Council wishes to confirm the origin of the complaint which lead to an investigation and subsequent leave of absence of the Warden.  The complaint was filed by the Deputy Warden, John Cunningham (see complaint attached).  Secondly, the validity of the complaint was confirmed, and not malicious or nuisance, through several witness statements.

The recollection of Warden Anthony’s wrongdoing provided in the article was inaccurate.  Warden Anthony’s actions violated several clauses under the definition of violence in MODY’s Violence in the Workplace Policy V-1068-19 including: 2.7.1; 2.7.2; 2.7.3; 2.7.4; 2.7.6, 2.7.7, 2.7.8, 2.7.14, 2.7.15, 2.7.17.”(see policy attached).  In response to the investigation report filed by the Municipal Solicitor, Council chose a restorative approach, to offer Warden Anthony an option to learn from these mistakes and seek help for his behavior.  Council could have chosen to move on the provisions of Section 12.7 of the Municipal Government Act, but was committed to first choosing restorative means.

“We have a very strong relationship built with our partnering Municipality and Town, which has been built over many years” said Deputy Warden John Cunningham. “The action taken against Warden Anthony over the past few months is not a reflection of any malice from these Community Partners, but is a reflection of the actions of the Warden and MODY Council showing its commitment, as hard as the process may have been, to uphold the Violence in the Workplace Policy.”

MODY continues to support a safe, respectful workplace.

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