Wednesday June 16th, 2021

Halifax N.S. – Community Health Boards (CHBs) across Nova Scotia have officially launched their call for applications for this year’s Wellness Funds.

“Wellness Fund grants leverage the knowledge and talents of local groups and organizations to tackle local health and wellness issues within a community,” says Geoff Wilson, Director of Public Engagement and Community Health Board Support for Nova Scotia Health. “It is inspiring to see communities turn these small grants into impactful projects.”

For the 2021-22 Wellness Fund cycle, community groups can apply for Wellness Fund amounts up to $5,000 but typically awarded grants range from $250-$3000. Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact their CHB coordinators if they have any questions surrounding the application guidelines.

Wellness Funds are intended to support new and innovative programs that:

          *  advance CHB health plan priorities

          *  use a population health-based approach in addressing the social determinants of health

“Wellness funds are often the catalyst that kick start small projects. Frequently they grow into amazing successes with individuals and community partners working together to improve the health and wellness for citizens of all ages,” noted Heather Morse, co-chair of the Provincial Council of CHB Chairs. As a former teacher, school principal and curriculum supervisor, Heather Morse has submitted many applications for wellness fund grants in the past. Now as a Community Health Board member she volunteers to sit on the wellness funds committee and continues to be impressed with the amazing work that is being done by our communities.

“The Wellness Funds give choice and voice to local action. The supported projects are evidence of the social determinants of health being applied and put into motion,” added Crystal Legere, the other Co-Chair of the Provincial Council of Chairs. “This funding illuminates the alignment with the NSH Vision of ‘healthy people, healthy communities’ and is an exceptional return on investment with immeasurable impact."

There are 37 CHBs across the province. Groups can apply to more than one CHB if their project occurs in more than one CHB area within the same proposal but does require separate and unique applications for each CHB. It is possible that not all projects submitted will receive funds, as CHBs frequently receive more proposals than available funds, but all eligible groups are encouraged to apply.

Applications and additional information are available on the CHB website at The deadline for applications is 5:00 pm on Friday, Oct. 15, 2021.