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The Municipality of the District of Yarmouth has vacancies on the following committees listed below.

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Accessibility Advisory Committee

For Committee members, serving on this Committee is an opportunity for engagement, learning, and growth. The committee is committed to fostering a culture of accessibility, encouraging the prevention and removal of barriers to participation, and building capacity in these areas amongst municipal staff, Council members, and the public. The committee meets once every month for approximately 2 hours. The term of office is 4 years.

Heritage Advisory Committee

Are you passionate about preserving our built heritage? Do you own a heritage home? The Heritage Advisory Committee advises Council on applications to alter or demolish heritage properties, as well as makes recommendations on properties that should be designated as Municipal Registered Heritage properties. The committee meets once every 3 months for approximately 2 hours. The term of office is 2 years.

Planning Advisory Committee

Are you interested in advising Council on land uses in the Municipality of Yarmouth? The mandate of the Planning Advisory Committee is to provide advice and recommendations to Council, under the provision of the Municipal Planning Strategy and Land-use By-law, for certain types of development; in the preparation, amendment, or revision of the planning strategy, land-use by-law, zonings, subdivision by-law; and on land use matters generally. These are documents that outline Council’s vision for where, when, and how the municipality will grow and develop, while the by-laws identify and enforce that vision. The committee meets 1 evening per month as required, for approximately 2-3 hours. The term of office is 2 years.

Nova Scotia Housing Authority, Western Region

The Housing Authority is a committee of the provincial government. The mandate of the committee is to oversee the management of public housing with respect to Applicant/Tenant matters in accordance with the policies and procedures established by the Minister. The committee meets approximately once per month during the workday. The Municipality of Yarmouth nominates one resident as its representative for a 3-year term.

Joint Police Advisory Committee

The Joint Police Advisory Committee advises the Municipality of the District of Yarmouth and the Municipality of Argyle in relation to the enforcement of the law, the maintenance of law and order, and the prevention of crime. The committee’s role is to determine, in consultation with Councils, priorities, objectives, and goals respecting police services in the two municipalities, and act as a liaison between the community and the Yarmouth Rural RCMP. The committee meets twice a year. The term of office is 2 years.

Yarmouth Recreation Advisory Committee

The Yarmouth Recreation Advisory Committee is the municipal entity responsible for recreational and leisure services for the Town of Yarmouth and the Municipality of the District of Yarmouth. The committee meets the first Wednesday every second month in the evening, for approximately 2 hours. The term of office is 2 years.

For more information contact Darlene LeBlanc, Director of Corporate Services at 902-742-7159 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.