Below is the directory of areas located in each district. 

To view the map of the Municipality of Yarmouth District Boundaries, click here.

District 1

Deputy Warden John Cunningham

Kemptville, Carleton, Canaan, Raynardton, Tusket Falls, Norwood, Brazil Lake, Lake Annis, Gavelton (part), Pleasant Valley.

District 2

Councillor Daniel Allen

Arcadia, Pleasant Lake, Melbourne, Greenville, Pinkney's Point.

District 3

Councillor Gerard LeBlanc

Brenton, South Ohio, Deerfield, Summerville, Mood Road.

District 4

Councillor Patti Durkee

Short Beach, Sandford, Lake George, Richmond, Darlings Lake, Beaver River, Port Maitland.

District 5

Councillor Trevor Cunningham

Hebron, Brooklyn, Dayton, North side of Prospect Street, Wellington.

District 6

Councillor Loren Cushing

Chegoggin, Cape Forchu, Pembroke, Overton, Lakeside Road, Milton Highlands, Edson Foote Road.

District 7

Warden Leland Anthony

Sandbeach, Chebogue Point, Kelly's Cove, Rockville, Wyman Road, Central Chebogue, Ellis Road (South), Regent Street (South).