Municipal Departments

Several departments provide and administer the services of the Municipality of Yarmouth. These are the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer, Building and Development, Public Works, Yarmouth Recreation and Heritage. The objectives of the Municipality, to which all departments are committed, are set out in its mission statement:


To administer all affairs and provide local services to the Municipality within the guidelines laid out by the Provincial Government Legislation, in a most effective manner, providing leadership and guidance in striving to enrich the lives of our residents and the environment in which we live, work and play.

The Office of the CAO is responsible for the management of the municipality. Among its administrative duties are: to ensure the implementation of policies established by Council and the Province, to oversee the other municipal departments, and to provide such fundamental services as water, sewage disposal, and waste management to the residents of the Municipality.

The responsibility of maintaining good working relations with the media, the neighboring municipal units, the provincial and federal governments, and with arms-length organizations like the volunteer fire departments and the VON, falls to this office.

To view the Municipality of the District of Yarmouth Organizational Chart, please click here.