The By-law Enforcement Officer deals with issues relating to By-law Enforcement within The Municipality. Inquiries on the By-laws of The Municipality can be made to the By-law Enforcement Officer.

The electronic Building By-law and Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use By-law consolidation are unofficial and are for reference only. For the official versions, consult the original documents on file with the Municipality of Yarmouth.

By-laws are amended frequently. Please check the original documents on file with the Municipality of Yarmouth to see if there are any recent amendments that are not yet included in this consolidation.

Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these electronic versions, the Municipality of Yarmouth assumes no responsibility for any discrepancies that may have resulted from reformatting.

The electronic versions are for your personal use and may not be copied for the purpose of resale in this or any other form.

Building By-law click here.
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