Fire Inspection


On February 28, 2003 the Government of Nova Scotia proclaimed the Fire Safety Act Bill 101 and the Fire Safety Regulations. The act requires all municipalities in the province to appoint a Fire Inspector to provide a basic fire safety inspection service commencing September 1, 2003.  The intention of the legislation is to make Nova Scotia a fire safe province through a cooperative effort between the Province and the Municipalities.

Role of Fire Inspector

The duty of a Municipality under the Act is to establish a system of fire-safety inspections of land and premises as required by the Regulations to provide for compliance with the Fire Safety Act, Fire Safety Act Regulations, and the Fire Code.

Municipal Fire Inspectors work in concert with the Department of Environment and Labour, Office of the Fire Marshal and Deputy Fire Marshal in the establishing of a basic fire inspection service within the municipal jurisdiction. The Deputy Fire Marshal maintains his authority under the Act, and the Municipal Fire Inspector reports to the Deputy on all matters of Fire Safety within the Municipality.