Public Works Overview


The Department of Public Works was created in 1989. Public Works is responsible for delivering and maintaining a number of fundamental services to the residents of the municipality, in their communities. These services are largely related to health and safety. In the interests of efficiency some of the services are shared with the Town of Yarmouth or contracted with the Province. 

Sewage and Wastewater Collection

Chief among the services maintained and delivered by the Department of Public Works for the Municipality is sewage and wastewater (sink and laundry waste) collection.  The communities of Arcadia, Dayton and Hebron are linked by a sewer line to the Town treatment plant located at the south end of water Street.  Sewage from Dayton and Hebron has been pumped to the Town treatment plant since 1989, resulting in cleaner safer water in Lake Milo.  The sewer line installed to connect Arcadia to the sewage treatment plant is the longest sewer pressure line in Nova Scotia.  The pumping station is located near Arcadia School and the line runs from Arcadia through Chebogue via the old DNR railbed right of way to the plant in Yarmouth.Dev1

Most of the other households in the municipality are responsible for disposal of their own wastewater and sewage. However, one densely settled part of the community of South Ohio has been designated as a Waste Water and Sewage Management District. In that community the Municipality has installed a cluster system of sewage pipes and maintains the beds. There is a sewage treatment plant in Port Maitland which has been in operation since 2005.

Sidewalks and Municipal Roads

Public Works provides summer and winter sidewalk maintainence within the Municipality.  Hebron/Dayton, Arcadia, Port Maitland, Brooklyn, Carleton and Kemptville all have sections of sidewalks that require mowing and winter plowing and sand/salting. Overseeing the construction of new sidewalks when undertaken also falls to the Public Works Department. Recently the Municipality has taken on two new Municipal roads which require winter snow clearing and sanding/salting and general road maintenance. These being Park Drive in Brooklyn (gravel sections) and Lake Estate Court in Hebron.

The Yarmouth Light and the Shoreline   

beached_whaleThe Municipality is the owner of the Yarmouth Light and is responsible for general maintenance of the  lighthouse and the site.  Individual communities or organizations usually undertake beach sweeps, however, removal of a large and varied amount of debris often falls to Public Works.  The disposal of whale carcasses and other marine life washed ashore can also be the responsibility of this department.

 Other Areas

Members of the public with questions or concerns about any of these or related matters are invited to contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  It may be useful to know that the Town of Yarmouth is responsible for maintenance of the Lake George Reservoir and for supplying water to the Town and to some Municipality residents. The Department of Public Works works closely with the Provincial Department of Transportation and Public Works, and a joint report is made to Council each month, but the latter is responsible for maintaining roads in the Municipality, for sanding, salting and snow removal, and for signs.