The Department of Public Works maintains and supplies sewage and wastewater (sink and laundry waste) collection services for many residents of the Municipality.

Presently, there are four communities linked to a sewer line: Arcadia, Dayton, Hebron and Port Maitland.   Arcadia, Dayton and Hebron are linked by a sewer line to the Town treatment plant located at the south end of Water Street.

The densely populated community of South Ohio has been designated as a Waste Water and Sewage Managemant District. In this District the Municipality has installed a cluster system of sewage pipes and maintains the beds and septic tanks.

Billing Information

The Municipality of Yarmouth generates four sewer bills a year:

 In February - Covers March, April and May
 In May - Covers June, July and August
 In August - Covers September, October and November
 In November - Covers December, January, and February

The cost of using the Municipal sewer for 2017/2018 is $82.16/unit/quarter or $328.65/unit/year.

Sewer By-Law

The Sewer By-Law of the Municipality of Yarmouth was effective June 3, 2005.

To view The Sewer By-Law in PDF format (53kb) click here. 

Wastewater Management

South Ohio Wastewater Management By-Law effective December 10, 1997.  To view in PDF format (39 kb) click here.