Civic Sign Program


The Municipality of Yarmouth is offering a FREE double sided blue reflective civic sign to residents of the Municipality of Yarmouth.  As well, an aluminum post may be obtained for the cost of ($23.00) upon application at the Development and Public Works Office located in the lower level of the Municipal building, 932 Hwy #1 in Hebron.  This will be on a first come - first served basis.  You are eligible for this program if you did not apply in past years and are the homeowner applying for your principle residence which is in the Municipality of Yarmouth.  What's the catch?  It MUST be placed in the proper location.

To obtain a Civic Sign Program application form as well as Guidelines for Installing your sign, click on the link below, complete and print the fillable form and drop it off at the Development and Public Works office on the lower level of the Municipal Building located at 932 Hwy 1 in Hebron.

You can also pick up a copy of the application form at the Development and Public Works office or call us at 902-742-9691 and request the application and guidelines be mailed to you. 

Civic Sign Program Application and Installation Guidelines

There is a limited number of signs and posts available.