Senior Safety Program

The Senior Safety Program provides information and referral services to seniors.  The program holds educational sessions and has direct contact with seniors through in-home visits by the Senior Safety Coordinator. 

The Senior Safety Program is a way for seniors, the local police department and community groups to work together to help prevent crime and keep communities safe.

For more information on the Senior Safety Program, please go to

or call Doris Landry, Senior Safety Coordinator at 902-881-4099

The role of the Senior Safety Coordinator includes the following:

  • To assist low income seniors with Provincial and Municipal tax rebate programs.
  • To assist seniors with identifying home heating and other similar rebates.
  • To organize and promote crime prevention as well as health and wellness initiatives aimed at assisting seniors to recognize options and community resources that will allow them to achieve and maintain safe and healthy lifestyles. 
  • To raise awareness of senior abuse and respond to concerns of senior abuse identified in the community.  The Coordinator will work closely with Police, Adult Protection, and other community resources to ensure seniors are assisted as much as possible when abuse is identified. 
  • To conduct in-home assessments with high-risk seniors and provide safety and security information.  The Coordinator may also refer seniors to other programs and services where appropriate.
  • The Senior Safety Coordinator will promote and deliver the VIAL of Life Program which helps emergency personnel quickly learn important medical facts in times of crisis. 

The Seniors’ Safety Coordinator will offer free presentations to seniors groups on various topics including personal safety, telephone and mail fraud and scam awareness, internet safety, elder abuse and home safety.

The Senior Safety Program is FREE to all senior residents who are 55 years of age and over, however no one will be refused assistance.  

All discussions with the Seniors’ Safety Coordinator are completely confidential. 

For more information on services for seniors or to download the 2015 Positive Aging Directory, please go to